Born and raised in Curacao, my dance steps started very early.
From a young age I used to dance with my father.
At the age of ten I started taking ballet classes at  Les Sylphydes for 2 years.
In August 1989 I moved to Holland to study for Optometric Technician at the “Radboud Ziekenhuis” in Nijmegen.
Seeking for a hobby I started taking Salsa Classes at Amanne Salsa Danceschool. After 2 month I was part of the Amanne Dance Group.
In November 1993 I moved back to my native country.
As of 1996, my dance Career took a turn in a professional avenue.
After several request, from people that loved to watch me and my childhood Neighbor Stephen Walroud move on the dance floor; we decided to follow our passion for dance (Salsa in particular) and started teaching together, resulting in the birth of   “Danschool Salsipuedes”.  
To promote the dance school on a small Island like Curacao (where everybody already knew how to dance) was challenging, we were dancing day and night.  It did not matter to us, dancing Salsa  was our passion, we were happy as long as we were dancing.
The luck was on our side, Curacao was going to have the first Salsa Competition and of course we couldn’t let this opportunity go by without our participation.
January 1997 we end up as the first Salsa King and Queen of Curacao; my dance career went on the highway. Attending the first Puerto Rico Salsa Congress was on this Salsa Highway.
Being part of Salsipuedes Show Group we attended the Puerto Rican Salsa Congress several times.
This was a great contribution to my Salsa Career.
After a short break I started dancing  in  1999 with the Salsation Show Group led by Rudsel Magdalena.
I also attended a Salsa congress in Canada and had the privilege to teach at a Salsa festival in Holland with Rudsel Magdalena & Ashley Dalnoot.

In 2002 my dance career went on a slower lane; I became a Mom for the first time.
After a fast recovery, I continued dancing with Salsation until I moved to St. Maarten in 2003.
In St. Maarten I was mainly teaching private classes. 2005 I did a small stop in Curacao for 1 month to move to Bonaire. Living in Bonaire I rolled in teaching Salsa group Classes.
But I soon discovered that the Salsa scene in Bonaire is totally different from where I am from and from the different places I have been.
Despite all this I am still teaching the main reason is to create a bigger Salsa family to dance with.
Going to all this, I became a Salsa addict, that can wake up in the morning dancing and hopes to continue dancing forever and ever, till dead do us part.
Que Viva La Salsa!