Born in Italy and dancing around the world

6 months old 
my mom used to put my cradle near a speaker: I think that’s why I feel like a vibration  inside when the music plays!
3 years old 
 my mom told me I started doing my first dance shows round the table for my public: the family!
3 years old - now 
I’ve never stopped dancing!

I just let myself go with the music ... and they told me it’s a pleasure to see me dancing!

1985 - 1990
Fame Tv series _ I studied all the dance shows they did!
Bachata and merengue teacher _ Dominican Republic 
1992 -  1996
Salsa Cubana and Salsa Casino dancer _ Rome, Italy
Third place in Rome Salsa Competition
Jazz Dance course _ Renato Greco Dance Studio_ Italy
Flamenco Dance course _ IALS _ Rome, Italy
1996 - 2001
Social Salsa and Son practice _ Cuba
I’ve been there 7 times during this period, I’ve been dancing in La Habana, Santiago, Varadero, Holguin and doing show in Cayo Largo
Tango Dance course _ Dabliù Dance School_ Italy
Salsa in linea practice _ Bonsalsa Dance School, Bonaire
Lady Styling course _ La Pachanga Dance school, Aruba
Salsa in linea practice _ Club Fiera, Bonaire 
Curacao Salsa Tour _ A lot of practice! Curacao
Afro Rumba Festival _ A lot of Cuban rumba practice! Italy
Zumba workshop _ Rome, Italy
Zumba workshop _ San Juan , Puerto Rico
ZOUK workshop_ Salsation Dance Company, Curacao
ZOUK workshop_Pachanga Dance school, Aruba
Zumba workshop_Aruba Zumba Noord_Aruba